The POINT of P’Chelle International® is to create innovative industrial cluster concepts.

A single company, acting alone, is vulnerable to the vagaries of a stormy and unforgiving marketplace. Take that single company and combine it with others in the same commercial niche, weave in links of a finely crafted value chain and that single company becomes a cluster, a formidable force that can dominate a market.

Gary A. White, President, P’Chelle International®

About Us

P’Chelle works with the best minds in business and economic development to create innovative industrial cluster concepts.

POINT Marketing®

PPOINT Marketing® is a five-step tool that delivers a unique industrial niche our clients can dominate.

P’Chelle Press

See what the press is saying about P’Chelle International® projects, our clients, and POINT Marketing® success stories.

P’Chelle Posts

Read the latest posts regarding industrial cluster concepts, industrial theme parks and industrial tourism.


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