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P’Chelle International®, in collaboration with some of the best minds in business and economic development, has broken the boundaries of traditional thinking to create a number of new, innovative industrial cluster concepts, several including industrial theme parks and industrial tourism. Those concepts include the following:


Kennewick, Washington

FABREO is a program designed to leverage the considerable assets and strategic location of the Columbia Basin into one of the world’s premier food and beverage processing regions and the Strategic Gateway between America and Asia.



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Blue Mountain Station®

Dayton, Washington

Like many small towns in rural America Dayton, Washington was once prosperous and growing. Then history, once favoring this bucolic community, turned its back and showed its disfavor with the closing of a major food processing facility in 2005, gutting the local economy and hundreds of jobs and the families those jobs supported. Today Dayton is fighting back as the home of Blue Mountain Station®, the world’s first industrial theme park focused on the Natural and Organic Food and Beverage Products Niche, with a ground breaking marketing program for cluster participants, including industrial tourism.



Snake River Boat Builders Export Program

Clarkston, Washington/Lewiston, Idaho

This unique export development program based on the theory that “one learns to export by exporting,” put Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington on the map as the Jet-Boat Capital of the World.


River Ridge Recreational Technology Center

Potlatch, Idaho

Prior to P’Chelle’s involvement, Potlatch, Idaho was known as the location of the largest white pine saw mill in the world, which unfortunately closed down in 1981, decimating the local economy. Today Potlatch is repositioned and has new hope for the future as the site of the world’s first industrial theme park focused on the Firearms and Related Outdoor Products Niche, featuring an innovative marketing program for cluster participants, including industrial tourism.



Columbia River Wine Expo

Pasco, Washington

Now named the Washington State Wine Experience, credited with creating millions of dollars in Washington State wine exports.

As a Christian company, we have a responsibility to do good works. According to Ephesians 2:10 NIV, For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. We believe creating a better world, one cluster at a time, and the economic prosperity it brings, honors that responsibility.

Gary A. White, President, P’Chelle International®

Industrial cluster concepts are created by incorporating the five steps of POINT Marketing®

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