POINT Marketing®

POINT Marketing® is a five-step tool that captures the universe of cluster opportunities, sifts them through the filters of reality, and delivers a unique manufacturing niche that our clients can dominate.

PPROFILE – A Profile is developed to identify the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the cluster’s geographic location.

OOPPORTUNITY– The universe of “big picture” cluster opportunities (example: Chemicals, Transportation, Energy, etc.) is filtered to determine the single best Opportunity.

IINDUSTRY– Opportunity is filtered to determine the single best Industry (example: within the Transportation opportunity are the automotive, aerospace and marine industries).

NNICHE – Industry is filtered to determine the single best Niche (example: within the Automotive Industry are the electric, sports utility vehicle and exotic sports car niches).

TTACTICS – Tactics, comprised of Brand Creation and Cluster Recruitment is created to dominate the chosen Niche.


The River Ridge Recreational Technology Center in Potlatch, Idaho is being developed utilizing the POINT Marketing® approach.

Note: Selection of the tactics will depend on market conditions, chosen niche and financial resources. A detailed implementation program will be developed including a budget.

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